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Facial Beauty Device

Sale price$168.00

This beauty instrument has six functions in one
6 functions, three gears adjustment (ice function cannot be adjusted)
1. Cleaning (Clean and brighten skin): heating + touch vibration + weak red light + strong yellow light
2. Penetration (EP macromolecular penetration): heating + vibration + weak yellow light + strong red light
3. Lifting (MFIP Lift): EMS+Vibration (vibration can be turned off) + strong red light
4. Beauty (Skin Rejuvenation): Heating + EMS + Intense Yellow Light
5. Special (Eye Care): Heating + EMS + Vibration (vibration can be turned off)
6. Cool (Ice function): cooling ice + strong blue light
color:rose gold
Facial Beauty Device
Facial Beauty Device Sale price$168.00