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Handheld IPL Hair Removal Pro

Handheld IPL Hair Removal Pro

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 Pain-free & gentle
 Start seeing results in just a few sessions.
 Works on any body part including bikini, face, underarms, arms, legs, also for finger hairs
 999,999 flashes - Over 50 years lifespan
 Ice cooling function for comfortable hair removal
✔ Safe & FDA Cleared


What's Included? - IPL

· IBORRIA - IPL Hair Removal Device * 1
· User Guide * 1
· Adapter * 1
· Razor * 1
· Goggles * 1
· Pouch* 1
· 1cm² transparent replacement lens * 1
· 2cm² transparent replacement lens * 1

What’s IPL?!

IPL stands for intense pulsed light. It works similar to laser hair removal, only it’s way easier and safer to do at home.

IBORRIA is a handheld device that targets unwanted hairs at the root and destroys them with light pulses (IPL) without burning or damaging your skin. It stops hair from growing back for long-term hair reduction.

How to Use IBORRIA?

At-home permanent hair removal may sound intimidating but don’t worry – using IBORRIA is safe, pain-free, fast, and surprisingly simple.

There are 5 simple steps to doing IPL effectively:
1. Shave the area you want to IPL.
2. Plug in and turn on your IBORRIA.
3. Select the Intensity Level on your IBORRIA.
4. Place the epilator's light outlet flush with your skin and use IBORRIA on the shaving area.
5. After you're done moisturize the area you used your IBORRIA.

When will my hair be gone?

IBORRIA is certified to deliver long-term hair removal after 12 uses (6-12 weeks, depending on your treatment plan), but chances are you’ll start to see a serious reduction in hair growth after just 3 or 4 weeks.


· Before using IBORRIA, be sure to shave your hair with a razor.
· The IBORRIA hair removal device has high energy. Please be sure to start using it from the first level. After your skin can withstand the intensity, then increase the level.
· After using the IBORRIA hair removal device, you can use aloe vera gel or an ice roller to calm and soothe your skin.

Will the IBORRIA work on my skin type?

IPL is suitable for all but the darkest skin tones. Please refer to the skin tone chart below to see whether or not IPL is suitable for you.

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8 Weeks to Somooth Skin

IBORRIA IPL hair removal device energy is up to 18 joules, and the higher the energy, the better the hair removal effect. Light energy is converted into heat energy to cause thermal damage to hair follicles, so that hair growth stops until it falls off.

Through repeated irradiation, adhere to the use of eight weeks, inhibit hair development again, so as to achieve long-term lasting hair removal effect.

With Ice cooling more comfortable feeling

IBORRIA use ICE COOL care technology, the whole ice is out of sync, can protect the skin surface when using, so that the skin will not be damaged by heat. The energy is concentrated in the melanin area of the hair follicle, which will not cause thermal damage to the skin surface caused by high temperature. It will relieve the burning sensation in time and bring comfortable and painless hair removal experience.